About The Photographer

Hello and welcome to JessWphotography! I’m Jess, the photographer here at Jess W Photography studio. I’m an internationally published photographer providing top quality Pinup and Boudoir photography in Las Vegas Nevada, and surrounding areas.

I’m not sure if it was the lack of photos of myself in family albums growing up. (Which resulted in my older brother and sister teasing me and telling me I was an alien, adopted, or anything else they could think of.) The thought of freezing a single moment in time and being able to keep it forever. How fulfilling it was to get back my photos after they’d been developed and relive all the fun things I’d captured. Some of which I’d forgotten I’d even taken. Or maybe it was all of it. All I know is photography and photographs themselves have always fascinated me and been a big part of who I am.

I started by using an old film camera my dad had. He used to keep it on top of an old bread box in the kitchen. All I remember of it is it was black, it felt cold and heavy in my hands, and that I LOVED it! From that point on I always had a camera. I took photos of friends, family, and any other subject I could. I scrap booked, memory boxed, and surrounded my room in cork boards that I filled with photos. I dreamed of being an aeronautical photographer. Souring high, traveling, and taking photos of beautiful places from a unique perspective.

When I had my oldest son I knew I wanted to capture each and every moment. So I did, but I wanted nicer pictures, higher quality, photo’s I could print without unintended noise, grain, and distortion. I started to soak up as much knowledge as I could. When I purchased my first Digital SLR I started out taking photo’s of my boys, family, friends, and I knew THIS is what I wanted to do!

When it comes to photography I love a creative approach and to experiment with a portrait and try lots of angles and set ups. I don’t limit you to traditional photos. I want to capture those special moments, those real moments. Like when you are at ease and being yourself. The Best and most interesting photo’s are those that capture true emotions: silly, flirty, sexy, confident, I want to capture the BEAUTIFUL woman you ARE! I love fine art photography and try hard to give you something different and unique, because every person has different tastes and preferences.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or to book your session at: Jesswphotography@gmail.com

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