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    Welcome to Memories That R Precious the blog! I am Jessica, the photographer around here please stay a while and browse through recent client sessions and some of my Personal Photo's too.

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Christmas Mini Sessions

We still have a couple spots for holiday mini sessions at Jess W Photography Pinup Studio in Las Vegas Nevada. Have your images back in time for Christmas! Just $175.00 includes professional pinup hair and makeup plus 5 fully retouched digital images with release to print. This is the perfect gift for that special someone or treat for yourself. Everyone deserves a day of pampering, looking and feeling beautiful!  Email Jesswphotography@gmail.com for more info and booking!



Blue Silhouette Design Review | Las Vegas NV Pinup Photographer

Blue Silhouette Design is a fabulous little shop of handmade goodies On Etsy HERE.

In this post I am reviewing A beautifully handmade Elastic waist spiderweb print circle skirt and the matching hair clip.

I absolutely love the flirty length of this skirt, it lands just above the knee. The elastic waist band is just perfect for a nice form fit. The waist stretches from 30″ to 38″, or can be custom sized like mine! <3



Check out the matching Spider hair clip HERE Isn’t it creepy cool?!  The same fabric used for the skirt is cut out lovingly with a plastic spider figure on top to adorn your crowning glory. The perfect touch to pull an outfit together with just two pieces don’t you think?! The shape makes it lay perfectly with a little “poof.” Attached with an alligator clip in the back you can wear it with any of your favorite hair styles. <3


You can see the beautiful detail of the skirt below. The fabric is so fun and vibrant. The velvet spider web pattern is raised above the royal blue taffeta which looks and feels great!


Order your very own spider web skirt HERE.



If you having clothing or other items you would like photographed and/or reviewed please contact Jesswphotography@gmail.com




Gift Certificates Available now | Las Vegas NV Pinup Photographer



In Studio Pinup Session pricing:
(all packages include professional hair and makeup done in studio.)

The Mini:
Please note; This is a special and can only be booked on Mini Days or with at least 1
other Mini participant If you buy this gift certificate scheduling will be based upon mini day availability.
1 outfit/set
5 fully retouched high resolution digital images with release to print

The Silver Package:
2 Outfits/sets
10 fully retouched high resolution digital images with release to print

The Pearl Package;
2 Outfits/sets
2 custom web-sized images for social media use
13 fully retouched high resolution digital images with release to print

The Gold Package;
Complimentary beverages and snacks
4 Outfits/sets
Use of wardrobe room and wardrobe assistance
20 fully retouched high resolution digital images with release to print

Choose Your package




Live Santa Event | Las Vegas Photographer

November 28th 2015 from 4:00pm until 7:00pm Rockin Bettie and Jess W Photography are hosting a Live Santa Photo event.

Packages start at just $50!
$50.00 for 2 digital files
$75.00 for 5 digital files
$125.00 for 5 digital files and a set of 30 printed Christmas cards

Professional Hair and makeup service is available separately the day of by Kandy K and Jess W cost is $125.00 which includes both services (hair styling and makeup) and false lashes. Limited spots are available.

Spots are limited and will go FAST! E-mail Jesswphotography@gmail.com for more info and booking!





How to on Pinup modeling Part 1 | Las Vegas Pinup Photographer

I get E-mails and Messages on social media daily from lovely ladies all over the world asking me how to become a Pinup model and lots of other questions about Pinup and where to start. I decided I would write a few blogs to answer some of your questions and give some tips and advice all in one place. It will help me in the end to have a link to direct gals to as well. 😉 Let’s get started!

One of the very first things you need for modeling of any kind is a solid portfolio. This is something that a lot of gals do backwards. If you are trying to build a portfolio, shooting with a photographer that is just starting out as well isn’t the best idea. I understand getting excited, and that the thought of a free photo shoot may cloud your better judgment. Just follow this thought process with me for a moment. You are just starting out. You don’t know your best posing. You don’t know what looks best on camera. That is all ok because you are after all just starting out. Now, the person behind the camera is just starting out as well. Think about that for a moment. Neither one of you knows how to run the show. TF shoots should not be how you start out your portfolio.

You might be thinking well, Jess you’re a professional photographer so of course you’re going to suggest hiring a professional photographer. Well, yes I am a professional. I have years of experience. I have learned what looks good on camera, how to pose gals of all shapes and sizes, how to flatter a gals best assets, and furthermore, I know how to get an image and all of its components correct in camera. This is something that is truly important. Photoshopping away blemishes, fly away hairs, a wrinkled dress, or perhaps something you’re not very fond of is part of my post processing, yes. But altering the image to correct poor exposure, bad lighting, or things of that nature normally does not result in a quality image that should be displayed in a model’s portfolio. I happily show clients my LCD screen with a bit of a preview during sessions. Getting it right in camera is important.

Here is an unedited image and an edited one so you can see what i mean about getting it right in camera:


You can see, I cropped, smooth some skin, and brightened the background a tad. That’s it.

Build your portfolio with professionals. Take a look at photographers portfolios, choose quality work. Pay for beautiful images. Once there are bad images of you out there they stay out there. Bad lighting, bad concepts, makeshift backdrops, over photoshopped, bad images.

Now let’s talk about how to prepare for your photoshoot.

Hair & Makeup is super important. If you do not know pinup style hair and I don’t mean those “victory rolls” you can see through, bobby pins front and center, half done curls, and FlyAway’s for days. Hire a professional for your session. You can also look up tutorials and practice, find a workshop in your area and practice what you learned, practice on your friends, practice on yourself, oh, did I mention practice?! Now for makeup. Makeup for camera is not the same as your daily wear makeup. You will want to have false lashes, a good matte powder, some nice blended shadows, pretty contours, and some amazing cateyes of course! If you’re not usually a makeup wearer this might feel weird for you having so much makeup. It really does make a difference in the end result. Again, if you need some help, hire a professional and practice, practice, practice.

Hair do’s:




Hair don’ts:


I will write another post, a part 2 to this that will go over clothing and accessory choices, and some more do’s and don’ts, so keep an eye out for that. When it’s ready I will come back here and link you to it. Hope this helped you out a bit and saves some of you from wasting your time making bad images that you won’t be able to use for your portfolio.